3D Animator Trainee

About the position: 

Virtuos is looking for animators with a natural flare and passion for game and film animation, as a junior animator, Virtuos will give training to grow your abilities to achieve the professional standards and quality expected in the industry at this time. Once training has finished animators will be able to touch upon a large variety of projects including AAA console titles and AAA mobile titles, from all the best game publishers from around the world.


Junior animators should be able to demonstrate a natural flare and understanding of the basic principles of animation. They are expected to be passionate about animation for both game and film industries, and be self-motivated to learn and grow through official Virtuos training and their own interest in the area of animation. The ability to understand requests, create imaginative ideas and translate these to a 3D animation is essential. Animators should be inquisitive and questioning and open to discussion. Animators should not be afraid to seek advice or help form others. Animators who choose to join Virtuos should want to do animation for a career and be dedicated in achieving this goal. Successful applicants will be expected to work in both MAX and MAYA software, additional training will be given for these software.


 A degree/diploma/certificate of training for a minimum of 2 years animating.
 A full working knowledge of either MAX or MAYA or both.
 A good portfolio of their own work;
-Should demonstrate adaptability in both realistic and cartoon styles.
-Should prove a reasonable understanding of animation principles.
 No working experience is required, only animation skill and understanding. Applicants should show;
-A willingness to learn and be taught.
-A passion for animation and the industry.
-An general understanding of the animation industry.
-An understanding of both Western and Asian animation styles.
 Should have a professional attitude to their work and Virtuos as a company.
 Should be able to work well within a team;
-Vocally give ideas and help others.
-Happy to seek advice or raise questions.
-Get along with people in the spirit of cooperation.

 An understanding of rigging and skinning s a plus, but not essential.
 An understanding of Motion Builder is a plus, but not essential.


Virtuos is the number one choice for talent in the digital entertainment industry in China, provinding our employees an opportunity to work on the biggest games and movies in the world.