Lead Animator

About the position: 

Lead Animator should have working experience in 3D Animation who has a good sense of game animation skills and techniques. They can manage all kinds of animation types, efficiently finish their work with high quality and obtain great approvals from their supervisors and clients. Analyze the workflow, technical key points of new projects, and understand requirements from clients. Guide junior animator with their Animation, and provide reasonable advice to their Supervisors.


• Capability to understand strength and weakness of team members and assigning task based on individual skillset and growth plan.
• Provide own suggestions to AD on project workflow and art style
• Learn and train new tools and methods in projects
• Assist AD to deal with common issues in project
• Finish work not only efficiently, but also with high quality.
• Self-review their and teams work. (self-reviewing: whether follow the production norms or reach the required quality and so on)
• Understand the modification feedbacks from Client and fix them independently
• Help Juniors and Seniors fix feedbacks from clients
• Develop your own expertise areas
• Help Junior and Senior Animators grow
• Research on new projects or test project


• Previous Lead experience on published video games
• Experience in leading a team of 8 or more animators
• Solid experience in character and creature movement and behavior
• Full grasp of 3D Max, Maya and Motion Builder
• Ability to convey the personality and emotions of a character through movement
• A recognized degree from Animation or Art major related with solid and systematic knowledge in 2D animation principles
• Good management skills to ensure the project are completed with good quality in a timely manner
• Good communication skills, motivation and team-oriented approach to work.
• English is a plus
• Passion for on line games and games industry
• Above 7 years related experience, college degree above


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