Lead C++ Software Engineer

  • Design, maintain, implement, test and debug code, write technical design Code of the project including network synchronization, AI, render effect and etc.
  • Profiling code to optimize software components of a game, research cutting-edge algorithms and techniques.
  • Create tools, features and engine components to required coding standards.
  • Helping Game Producers in allocating the Game Developers according to task complexity and employees skills
  • Assigning, planning and tracking tasks completion according to requirements (e.g., type of work & schedule) provided by Game Producers and common work agreements with the different departments
  • Reporting to Game Producers on daily basis ETA on tasks completions, team composition and issues regarding team members
  • Helping her/his fellow team members when issues arise such as bugs, close deadlines, amount of work to be performed, urgent changes implementation, etc.
  • Reporting immediately to the Technical Director regarding any blockages, unresolved issues and other impediments to the production.
  • Helping to analyze and/or create technical design documentation for project(s) they are handling
  • Studying game code and identifies the processes required for the team to be able to quickly create builds;
  • Studying new platforms with the Technical Director to ensure that teams will be able to create builds, Implement features, and utilize device features;
  • Monitoring code implementation and makes sure that the teams are following correct coding conventions and proper commenting of their code
  • Safeguarding build deliverables by implementing a code lock to ensure that deliverables maintain quality
  • Evaluating members of his/her team, identifying strengths, problem areas (i.e. lack of skills, attendance issues, attitude problems)
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience.
  • 7+ working experience of in games industry is required and Proficiency with C++ programming skills
  • Good communication skills in English and able to work in English-speaking working environment
  • Good co-ordination skill and communication skills,keep composure under pressure
  • Ability to multi-task ,conflict resolution and problem solving ability
  • Creativity and innovation in professional terms
  • Experience in AI, Graphics and Rendering
  • Supervision/Management experience
  • Experience in platform specific APIs
  • Experience in Agile/SCRUM
  • Aware of the importance of code quality, performance and memory
  • Aware of (ripple) effects from any kind of changes, both code and data
  • Know the inter-dependencies between systems in an Application. 


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