2K releases XCOM: Enemy Within on iOS, Android, and Fire OS Thanks to Support from Virtuos
Shanghai, China – December 1st 2014 – Virtuos is proud to have had the opportunity to port XCOM: Enemy Within to iOS, Android, and Fire OS for Firaxis with support from 2K China. The port of XCOM: Enemy Within from console/PC to iOS, Android, and Fire OS signifies another notable milestone in Virtuos’ Co-development track record. The mobile adaptation has achieved a Metacritic score of 93, ranking it among the most well received ports to mobile platforms to date. Enemy Within features the core gameplay of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, plus more exciting content such as: • New Soldier Abilities • New Weapons and Equipment • New Enemy Threats • New Strategic Resources • New Story Elements • New Multiplayer maps, units, and abilities Last year Virtuos successfully provided porting support for XCOM: Enemy Unknown from console/PC to iOS, which went on to post a 91 point cumulative score on Metacritic (including 100% “Positive” marks), win the 2013 Golden Joystick Award for “Best Mobile/Tablet Game of the Year”, and was runner up for Apple’s “Best Game of 2013” on iTunes. “Providing consumers with a true triple-A game experience via a mobile or portable device is not an easy feat, but the launch of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Mobile has shown it is possible,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Now, with the launch of XCOM: Enemy Within, 2K is able to showcase our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, core gaming experiences for our fans on whatever platform they play on.”