Christophe Gandon
Managing Director, Games

Christophe is the head of Gamesource, Virtuos’ European arm. Before joining Virtuos, Christophe was the founder and Producing Director (2000-2005) of Babylon Software, a French independent studio specialized in racing games, where he produced Furious Karting (Xbox) and RPM Tuning (Xbox /PS2/ PC). Previously, Christophe was the head of Ubisoft’s Racing GamePlay Department from 1994 to 1999. During his 4 years at Ubisoft, he produced a wide range of racing games, including POD, all F1 Racing series, Speed Devils, etc.

Christophe is working as Executive Producer in charge of all games in development, helping the teams reach the quality bar and offering the possibility to bridge the communication gap with Virtuos’ Western clients.

After graduating from ESTACA, a French automotive engineering school, Christophe worked as an automobile engineer at Renault Sport.

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Christophe Gandon