Project Assistant (nightshift)

  • Participate in project management with the guide of supervisor 
  • Assist project management 
  • Assist internal/external communication 
  • Assist QA process 
  • Perform other related task necessary to the conduct of the business
  • Main task is to take charge of the deliveries to the clients on late hours
  • Production data tracking and reporting to supervisor 
  • Assist internal production team in daily communication on task planning, schedule tracking, feedback tracking and delivery tracking
  • Assist external communication with approval and guide by supervisor
  • Answer request from production team or other dep. with approval and guide from supervisor 
  • It will be under direct supervision and control from Producers
  • Middle computer knowledge, ability to learn to use different tools on demand
  • Patient, calm, detail oriented, the candidate must be able to work in a team and under pressure
  • Passion for games
  • Able to rotate between dayshift and nightshift


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