senior game designer


1) Understand the game's direction and develop levels/systems to achieve it 
2) Work closely with the leads to create core game systems or main levels in different types of project  
3) Help the lead/director to prototype key features for system or level to demonstrate the core game concept to the client or team members
4) Write down necessary system or level design document to identify the gameplay experience.
5) Actively participate in design specific discussions and design reviews
6) Point out issues both on the creative and production side to the management team to avoid potential risks.
7) Train junior designers on relevant design tools or production tools
8) Share knowledge and mentor junior designers
9) Propose to the Design Manager ways to improve the Design Department


1) 3~5 years Game Design Experience, experience in F2P games and mobile games is plus;
2) Has at least worked on 1 released titles, and has complete development experience (online games need to have the operation experience)
3) Senior designer working experience
4) Thoughtful and creative around F2P Monetization systems and how they integrate into core, meta and elder game design;

5) Superb written and oral communication skills.
6) Strong ability to deconstruct high level creative direction into specific technical details, features and tasks both for system and level design 
7) Ability to work in highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, iterative environment 
8) Ability to learn new software tools and technologies 
9) Good at mentoring other designers on his project and inside the Design Department 
10) Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Web or Industrial Design, or Computer Science
11) Good command of English is a plus

Software skill:
1) Document software:Excel、Outlook、PowerPoint、Visio、Word
2) Artist Software:Adobe Photoshop


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