Senior VFX artist


Design and development of visual effects for character spells and skills, environmental effects, monster attacks and abilities, etc.

Ÿ Work closely with the Art Director, engineers, and designers to create high quality visual effects that clearly sell gameplay requirements, but function optimally within technical specifications.

Ÿ Retain a deep and thorough knowledge of the game’s mechanics to most effectively craft vfx that clearly communicate game critical information.


Must have at least 3+ years of industry experience

Ÿ Strong proficiency with Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Also Max and game engines like Unreal or Cryengine.

Ÿ PC or Console Visual Effects experience required

Ÿ Solid understanding of computer graphic fundamentals and video game art production pipelines

Ÿ Strong traditional art background with a thorough understanding of art fundamentals such as color theory, light, shade, and form

Ÿ Worked on at least one successfully shipped title

Ÿ Ability to self-manage and prioritize multiple requests in a dynamic environment

Ÿ Excellent communication skills

Ÿ Demonstrated ability to own and drive

Ÿ Plus: MMO game experience // Modeling, Rigging, and Animation experience // Experience with lighting and rendering

Please show samples of your work that show your ability to create models and/or texture maps used by your vfx. Images of sprites, textures and/or recorded effects in action are helpful


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