UI Art Team Leader

About the position: 

The UI Team Leader should be able to successfully manage day–to-day UI production of all artists in his team, providing clear guidance and instructions and promptly communicating information from Art Director or Art Producer to all team members; take all necessary initiatives in problem solving and potential risks identification; follow production schedule providing art deliveries on time and on quality.

The UI Team Leader is specifically focused on quality of art work, and report to Art Director for Art Work and to Producer for scheduling, resource and delivery issues.


Review the client’s package with Art Director to check if there are any problems with reference materials or requirements

· Ensure all artists understand art requirements and specific needs of the project

· Cooperate with Art Director and Producer to composite the team and estimate the time for project

· In the briefing meeting, check with the Artist whether or not they are ready to use the tools by reviewing a sample asset together and asking some specific questions

· Check daily work according to this schedule and tell Producer about the risks and propose solutions

· Perform daily checks of every artist progress in order to find and eliminate any possible problems as soon as possible

· Ensure a smooth collaboration of his team with UI designers & UI programmers;

· Create benchmark for game menus and HUD elements;

· Ensure that the Artist knows the client’s feedback perfectly and check whether the Artist is able to implement the feedback

· Evaluate the art team performance


Experience with creating UI for video games or using the similar tools for graphically intensive websites;

· A minimum of 4 years full-cycle game experience in UI.

· Two or more published games in as UI Artist.

· Keen interest in 2d UI work and formal design training;

· Be able to show published or unpublished 2d work for web or UI work for games;

· Excellent understanding of color, balance positive/negative space, screen layout, menu format and user experience issues;

· Versed in Adobe Photoshop, Flash and other relevant tools;

· Very Strong experience with flash and must be able to integrate 3D in flash, understand how Flash script work with Flash movie;

· Good command of the English language (written and spoken);

· Passionate about video games; Team oriented, self-motivated;


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