My small hometown is Nantong in Jiangsu Province. In Nangong we have a port market where you can get fresh shrimp and fish every day.


Why did you join Virtuos?

I love playing games since childhood, so I’m very interested in game development. The fame of Virtuos game development is well known here, and for a long time I hoped to join the company.

My biggest hobby is studying games, including battle models, gameplay models, as well as how elements like background music, CG animation and more play into the game’s overall impression. I hope to contribute to some projects at Virtuos, and I will be proud of myself when playing the very games with my friends. My wish is to grow with Virtuos.

How do you feel about Virtuos?

It’s less a month since I got here. And the thing surprised me is the fun and relaxed working atmosphere. Everyone here wears very casual clothes – it really is a game company!

The other thing is that we don’t have desk-dividing walls. Everything is open and it is convenient for the team to communicate and discuss the issues we may meet.

Can you describe the work process?

My team assigns tasks for me according to my skill level, and other team members will help me when I get stuck. The team responsibilities are clear and efficient. Everyone can count on each other and it feels like the true meaning of ‘team.’

The assignments center around projects: first big goals are set, then smaller ones for every group, and finally every member works towards a single goal.

What’s your target of game industry career?

My end target is to be the best in my field. And I know it’s not that easy. I need to learn about every part of game development and become very well-rounded. To know every system and how the systems interact. The first step on this path is joining in Virtuos, and I believe I can learn more from working on the variety of different projects we have

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