3D Film Art


In Hubei province, near the Three Gorges

Why did you join Virtuos?

I was one of the first graduates of Virtuos in-house training program (now Virtuos Academy) way back in 2006. I chose Virtuos because it was a foreign company, and it seemed like a great way to broaden my horizons.

I did not realize that it would be the start of such a big career. What motivated me to join that program was a love of games and movies, and when I began to learn about the techniques and processes of 3D art, I really began to love to practice and improve my skills in art and production.

What is your favorite Virtuos project?

I have been focused on film projects exclusively for the past four years. We have contributed to the VFX of more than 10 films, and I don’t think I can choose a favorite. Every time we go see one of the movies that we worked on, it is incredibly gratifying to see our work up on the big screen.

So I guess you could say that my favorite project has been the work to develop and expand the film art production team.

How Many projects do you work on i a year?

Two to three projects, because our film projects are usually very large projects that involve a lot of very high-detail, high-quality assets.

What has been the highlight of your Virtuos Career?

Last year I had the chance to have a business trip to San Francisco, to visit the studios of one of our major clients. Me and my Australian colleague spent a week learning about their new VFX techniques in preparation for upcoming projects. And of course, we had a little time to see San Francisco’s big sites.

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