Gilles Langourieux to present at GDC China


Gilles Langourieux to present at GDC China

Shanghai, August 15, 2007. Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtuos, one of the largest game outsourcing companies in the world will present at GDC China on August 28.

In a session titled “Growing and retaining talent in China”, he will explore how it is possible to build strong teams for the long term in China.Talent in China has the reputation of being unstable and many companies have complained about the difficulty to retain qualified staff in China.

Yet at the same time, there is no shortage of successful game companies growing from zero to hundreds of employees in a shorter time than anywhere else in the world. This presentation aims at reconciling these two conflicting facts, by looking at the realities of the talent pool in China, how it is evolving, and what to expect from it in the context of international game creation.

Three themes will be explored:

1.) Differences and similarities between talent in China vs. the rest of the world. What skills do they really have or lack, what motivates them, what is the influence of outside markets on the job situation in China? How do the job market and its legal and cultural environment in China differ from “older” talent markets?

2.) Factors behind retention, talent pool growth and turnover. There are mostly rational factors and also some irrational factors behind how a talent pool adheres to a company’s project. We will argue that measuring the evolution of the pool in quantity and quality is also an objective measure of the company’s health and values.

3.) Proposals and ideas for best practices in growing a stable talent pool. Chinese, Japanese and Western companies have tested different concepts with more or less success. We will highlight some of the dos and don’ts which are more specific to China.

The session will help develop realistic expectations from talent and operations in this fast-evolving market. How fast can a studio really grow in China and is the growth sustainable in the long run? They will also walk away with a set of best practices tested in China.

Intended Audience:
The session is best suited for managers from developers and publishers who have presence in China or interact with partners in China or are planning to.

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