Gamasutra publishes in-depth feature about Virtuos and Outsourcing


Gamasutra publishes in-depth feature about Virtuos and Outsourcing

Shanghai, April 4th, 2011 – Gamasutra has published an in-depth interview between Virtuos CEO Gilles Langourieux and Gamasutra Features Director Christian Nutt. Held during GDC China 2010, the interview discusses the scale and composition of Virtuos’ workforce, the benefits of Virtuos’ no-IP-creation strategy, and more.

“With scale, we were able to specialize our teams of artists. And we have 60 artists who do only characters, we have 100 artists who work only on environment, and we have 30 artists who produce only vehicles. And within those categories, we even have different leads who have different styles attached to them. That only comes with scale.” As of the date of the interview, Virtuos total staff topped 600.

The interview also discusses the possibilities and potential of offshore programming services in the game industry. “[Code outsourcing] is something that we’ve been strong proponents of from day one," he said. “You can outsource much more than art, including code, given the proper setups.” 

Gamasutra’s Simon Carless previously visited Virtuos in 2006, interviewing Langourieux for a report on offshore game production

Via Gamasutra: Virtuos: Setting the Record Straight on Outsourcing

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